I am Kathryn Miles, chef and owner of Kathryn’s Soul. My love for cooking and baking started at the very young age of 10. My father noticed that I had a gift for cooking, so he began to encourage it. He bought my first cook book, Better Homes and Gardens the New Cook Book. I cooked almost very recipe in that book and then repeated my favorites until I mastered them. Through the years, as I continued my education, I continued to cook for my family and friends.

I have always been independent and started working full time as a teenager. I worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years. However, food has always been my passion and through the years I dreamed of making it a career, but I never had the courage. In 2019, I decided to take a chance and pursue my passion. First, I had to come up with a name. So many people may think Kathryn’s Soul comes from my name and my style of cooking, but it has a deeper meaning. I decided to honor my mother, who I was named after. She lost her battle with lung cancer before she was able to see this dream become a reality, but I know she’s with me on this journey.

Then, I began catering on the side and it became a sensation right out of the gate. The support from the community was overwhelming and my loyal customers have been the key to my success. Then 2020 came and the Pandemic allowed me the time to make my passion a full-time career, and I did just that. Kathryn’s Soul, a restaurant that offers quality comfort food made with love was born.